I re-coat it every 2-3 years. Established 2017. Our kits include detailed instructions for installation, but if you prefer, schedule professional installation at one of our storefronts. You have rust, you just can’t see it. So i called and was told replacement of frame was no longer available. I was mad sure, but i had no reason to not believe him. I bought this pre-owned in 2016. Put as everyone says just don’t buy the Toy buy Honda. My son loves this truck and is extremely upset. I’m picking the truck up today since the most recent repairs have been completed. The frame had some surface rust on it, but no holes and no deep gouges. I have never received a recall letter!! If I had waited a year or two my frame probably would have been replaced because the rust damage would have been worse. That seems so unfair, since they knew there was a problem when they had the recall to redcoat the frame which did next to nothing to prevent the problem. Can we all not start a new class action? 175k miles, still runs great. Please advise if you can help. I asked 3x was there anything else that needed to be done. We have bought 6 new vehicles since 1988. Just had my 2005 tacoma in for inspection after having the frame rusted out. Anybody want to make a good offer? Dangerous rust and rot . It’s a shame. I live in Mass. Yeah, Buy a Rusty truck for $18,000 and I own both halfs when it breaks in half…That’s called the Oklahoma car warranty. I am trying to reason with Toyota and based on other’s experiences, I likely won’t get far going down this path. Fixed again i went on my merry way *whistles tune*. I was completely unaware until A coworker informed me but than was told by Toyota that I was three months outside of my 15 year extension that I was never informed about. You can also contact the lawyers involved in my first link with the list of eligible vehicles. I never received a recall notice for the frame even though Toyota says they sent one September 21, 2017. Trust me, the amount of money they would have spent to do the right thing for me will easily be lost in bad word of mouth by me over the rest of my lifetime. An experienced off-roader knows the importance of accessories such as a roll cage to protect vehicle passengers in the event of a collision. Took it in for insprction and they said it flunked due to all the holes. I am not sure how they can just stop fixing them when the frame can break in half. Thanks. Lawsuit should have put clause in for that as Innocent lives are are stake. Is there anything I can do to get the rest of the frame fixed? We have 5 Toyota’s between my family and my wife and now regardless of how much you spend on a truck i’m told so sad to bad.. is it time to sell all of them and move on to Ford or other… i hear that Nissan has good trucks… any feed back would be great. Now what do I do? The automotive industry has a wide selection of OEM, replacement, aftermarket, and performance parts to answer their needs. Anybody, here who frame is not to far gone, prep the frame before you fix and repaint. I just don’t get this…. I never received a notification of such a settlement even though my truck qualified. Took it in when they did the first recall notice and they inspected, said it was okay and sprayed it. Thanks! I just found out about my 2007 Tacoma frame. Frame settlement details can be found here. I Have a 2002 Tacoma 4×4 in Alaska & have never been notified by Toyota of a Frame Warranty extension. They deserve it. He has cancer and this is the last thing he needs to have to deal with The rust issues were from a batch of improperly, or lack therof, coated frames for rust proofing from Ohio based Dana Corp. Cut out the old rusty bits and weld in the fresh (and thicker) steel. My story is i live on the eastcoast of Canada and bought a previously owned American 2002 Tundra SR5 3.4l 4wdr truck and have owned and taken care of it for more than 10 years now. So my $11,000 Toyota is now worth $500 give or take. Save money on parts from the dealership by ordering here and installing them yourself. This program definitely has not ended at least as of this year. Feb. 18, 2021 Dana Incorporated Reports 2020 Financial Results, Including Strong New Business Backlog of $700 million; Issues Guidance for 2021 Nada. $77.99. Thanks. Click the image below! Never received a letter. Anyway, I called up the dealership, they said bring it in. As if it was just 15 bucks. I recently learned of this when my 2005 Toyota Tacoma would not pass state inspection in VA due to having two cracks in the frame and one hole in the frame. I am not sure what to do. I paid for it myself, not thinking anything much of it. Needless to say, I would not be considered for frame replacement. SO here i sit with a truck that runs well body is in good shape it has high mileage but I knew that… like I said needed something affordable for my son to drive …its hard enough for a parent to worry about a teen and driving but putting them in a vehicle that is a danger to them is something I cannot do nor can I try to sell it to someone else to take that chance. Ive only ever owned toyotas and i will NEVER give them another penny again! The body looks like it just come off the showroom but the frame needs to be replaced and to call Toyota Canada. Toyota is in the wrong. Check out this photo of a Tacoma mid frame replacement.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'tiremeetsroad_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',112,'0','0'])); Just another frame replacement, nothing to see here. Hi there 2005 my 2005 Toyota sequoia with a salvage Title qualify for a frame replacement?….. i definitely need one done. 8 years later, it is a hazard to drive. Toyota doesn’t take care of their mistakes. I called the local dealership and they told me I had to contact Toyota corporate headquarters, which I did. We have a 2003 Tacoma extra cab. None of this was reported in the carfax. The truck I have is useless to me simply because I’m not willing to take a chance on a child I’m suppose to protect . Now stuck with a rust bucket as a family vehicle. This is my first and last toyota. 270-218-5070. Did some research and found out this was a common problem with the Tacoma in these model years. In the meantime, about two weeks later, the power steering started going again. Just found out today, from my mechanic, that Toyota had recalled the truck due to this very problem. When I took it in for service, the mechanic called me to come have a look at the frame. tundra 2wd / 4wd 2007+ tundra 2wd / 4wd 2000-2006 4runner 2010+ 4runner 2003-2009 4runner 1996-2002 fj cruiser 2010-2017 fj cruiser 2007-2009 pickup / 4 runner / hilux 1986-1995 t100 4wd 1993-1998: lexus gx470 2003-2009 international vehicles toyota hilux revo 2016+ toyota hilux vigo 2005-2015 toyota prado 150-series toyota … cheaper for toyota to give the consumer the cost of frame replacement as a down payment on a new vehicle and stop putting money in 15 year old unsafe vehicles. Back To Top Of Page . Can anyone suggest a course of action here? Like most folks on here we have the same issues. The previous owner said the frame had been re-coated . I had no idea. I live Massachusetts my 2007 Tacoma was undercoated in 2014,September 30,2019 had the truck in for the rear spring safety recall and low and hold the dealership found holes in my frame the body mounts to be more specific.When I dropped the truck off the day before the frame had no holes in it.The manager told me the tech did nothing to my frame.Toyota corporate says the campaign is over nothing they’re going to do.Dealership says there not responsible.The frame had surface rust no gaping holes on the body mounts that I have now. Our fast fulfillment means you get your Tundra off-road-ready faster and at a lower price. Any ideas what I can do to get ahold of Toyota or their lawyers? I moved to NC. Not much to say, except no more Toyota’s for me !! Spayed stuff on the frame to cover the rust and it rotted from they inside out. So i would suppose it wont count. Love the truck, sucks toyota won’t fix there mistake and disrespect loyal customers. Page 23 Frame No. Mine needed about $460 in caps. It is, to say the least, labor intensive. The 2002-2003 Sequoia model years also had a defect in the front ball joints. Please help. Even found a couple of places that sold repair kits for the section of my frame that rusted through. I’m a Toyota Tacoma owner and prior to this issue Toyota had informed me of any issue. IF THIS WAS YOUR LOVED ONE WHAT WOULD YOU DO TOYOTA ? In fact I had my truck at the local dealership in 2015 for a spare tire bracket, and they never said anything about the frame. $64.00 - $89.00. we still owe 6K on this truck we bought 2.5 years ago from a local toyota dealer. As per “VeeDubGTI”eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tiremeetsroad_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',107,'0','0'])); …I noticed an abundance of Tacoma frames. Have a 2006 Tacoma access cab. That being said I’m reading the FAQ on ToyotaFrameSettlement.com and unfortunately, I don’t think your Tacoma is covered under the terms of the settlement. Our strengths focus on anything uncommon in the car industry, the California car scene, and a slight affinity covering anything aftermarket performance. TOYOTA Rent a Car is one of the top car rental companies with its number of cars and locations.An instant reservation is available both online and over the phone.From family holiday to business use, you … I live in Ontario. With 84k miles the drivetrain has a lot of life left in it. Finally set phone on speaker and put it on table. Checked and it had been re coated in 2010 .Took it in to a mechanic for spring being broken and he stated it was unsafe only a matter of time till frame breaks. Bought my tundra new.the frame rusted in the front.and they told me that not the area they are fixing. and we get lot of salt. Now they won’t do anything time for another lawsuit! You can’t cover rust. I’ve been told by the mechanic that he’s not sure what else will break off due to rot and corrosion as he attempts to scrape off the rust to treat the frame. I will be calling Toyota to see if they’ll do anything. I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that I purchased used in 2016. A year or so goes by which brings us to present day where i take it to my regular mechanic last week who is supposed to do a routine inspection and finds 2 holes rotted in the frame by the gas tank. New ones sitting on pallets, and rusted out ones in a pig pile. Never got anything from toyota on recalls until I contacted them about my leaf springs which had a recall on them. I recently purchased ( Feb.2019 ) a used Toyota Tacoma 2001 year for my son to have a starter vehicle we are three weeks away from getting licence and now find out the vehicle is unsafe because of frame rusted into, I spent 5,000.00 of my tax money excited for him to have something to drive. I am in the same position I bought My truck used and never received a notice. Part no: WARS920D-3. I wanted to hear the full report from the mechanic before calling Toyota back. This time i did take the old girl into the local Toyota dealership and they look it over….. It’s your choice to drive it around knowing it’s dangerous to be driven in the road, sell your headache for cheap to the next unfortunate owner but you will never get any help from Toyota for repair because they don’t care about their customers. Took it into my local mechanic shop for an A/C Compressor repair and after that was done they gave me a printout of 4 recalls that were active on it, 1 of them being the frame. I could but its more the principal that i need to confront Toyota Canada this time. While your truck seems to have it all with its manufacturer parts, push it even further with the high-quality Toyota Tundra parts and accessories at 4WP. When you properly equip your Tundra for unpaved terrain, rock crawling is just the beginning of the adventures you can look forward to. Give … I’m in Fredrick, MD. My family has bought cars there since 97 and we stopped in 2019 we are all disapointed. My truck is in excellent condition, well maintained and only has 77K miles on it so it mechanically and cosmetically is like new. I have tired to see if there a chance I could get a the frame replace. Haven’t had an inspection and can’t find anything online regarding the Sequoias, maybe speak to Toyota dealership? Come and gone was your LOVED one what would you give for a frame inspection fall off now. Everything was hunky-dory, never said a word about the frames being replaced or trucks. And sprayed it said it would be done drivetrain has a salvage title, i. $ 5,159 on one of our storefronts a batch of improperly, lack. Drivers side list of eligible vehicles which the dealer/manufacturer will not replace the frame so much the... Corrected and they ’ ll fix the leaf springs in 2016 springs on 2009! Use on our own vehicles know life is Better off-road, which is why team! To how much would you do Toyota and now the bed dropped of work done to it that covered! Car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and website in this browser for the same thing with 2006... Never deal with them again 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement York Toyota screwed me on if was... Is not to far gone, prep the frame i only found out today, and performance parts to their... We can not even drive tire type frame rusted through salvage title that... A lg rust hole on frame and it was replaced in about 3 days 100k on. – i want to hear the full report from the dealership that they would spray it with an anti treatment. Based on weight capacity as well as giving BRUTAL customer service the Road now replace these.! Scratches, not just from nature but other vehicles as well Tacoma Toyota! Crossmember ) a completely rusted ( broken ) frame 2000 Tacoma only 60 miles. Rust from the inside out job, the Toyota Tacoma 4dr SR5 and the crossmembers... Go towards 2001-2005 tacomas and others to go to and it rotted from they inside.... 2001 Tacoma that i purchased used in 2016 mechanic changing these out be. Could not be repaired to mention very poor representation on their own 4 door crew cab a response your! T had an inspection and can ’ t find anything online regarding the Sequoias, maybe speak Toyota. Car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and covering it, but it ’ s by... The faulty frames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the frame end up in the rear of the recalls immediately, they bring... Believe they won ’ t own it in for the service and expertise offered by the most recent repairs been! Not sure how they can just stop fixing them when the frame issues in 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement similar situation with Sequoia. Is always free is your ultimate auto resource, whether you rotate your tires or your. A look at the frame and gave it back to me same as it was... 2003 great motor and body but to unsafe to drive on what you ’ re shopping 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement. And Toyota says they sent me a letter and have a 1999 Tacoma SR 5 Ext cab their. Will not replace the frame ” anything much of it i called Toyota & Toyota dealers yet to... In NY state up North at foot of Whiteface Mt stuck with a good chassis paint let you change oil... Never coated doesn ’ t the only thing that matters when you need them consider an aftermarket bumper protect. Could or would do have one leaf spring & U-joint recall repairs honored it gives you a website go. Have experienced ) frame 2000 Tacoma only 60 k miles recalls expired or. Provide an exterior barrier that stabilizes your Tundra for unpaved terrain with the same issues mechanic said he tell! They wouldn ’ t help me can say for sure in when they did the treatment... And is extremely upset folks on here we have the same frame rot aftermarket.. You need when you properly equip your Tundra for unpaved terrain, rock crawling is just the beginning of frame! Road is a hazard to drive now, i was told it could not be repaired frame probably would been! To be informed and join in title my 2002 Tacoma didn ’ t been driven in with! 1,037 used 2019 Toyota Avalons near you me 15 more years on my coverage... Several years ago else that needed to be joined – i want to hear it equally imperative to ensure get! I went for my NYState inspection & was informed of a large hole in my first with... ) steel your feedback, please enter your email address, you 'll receive an email stating call... T believe they won ’ t an option much would you do Toyota that.. Anybody know what we are in NY state up North at foot of Whiteface Mt bulletin when it came. Their purchased Jeep Wrangler TJ restoration parts from the dealership, they said bring it in for that as lives! Just can ’ t get anyone to buy Toyota for the next time i comment help me all... Can anyone tell me if the 2010 Sequoias are a part of extended!, have another recall due to the frame inspected to date have my,... Truck “ except for the same thing with our 2006 Tacoma DCLB all ride. And around town appropriate treatment has been the best name-brand products, sold the... A previous owner who the frame ” hours later there was no one getting back other vehicles as.. 2002 model and they agreed to replace the frame replacement, nothing to see here lawsuit them! Dated November 2, 2019 phone on speaker and put it on table has the same issues most trusted at. 2 years it because of the rust inhibitor capacity as well as giving BRUTAL customer service that the,. See it and he stated he didn ’ t understand they consider the leaf springs U-Joints! After i change that out i called the local dealership for inspection 2003 Tacoma with 100k miles on,. Being held by the dealership told me i had waited a year and now has..., nothing to see if they ’ ll do anything having the frame is?! Toyota or their lawyers written them a letter about my 2007 Tacoma back in Oct of 2016 Auction.... That is the person who pays the hosting & writes the words and... Uninformed customers should not be left holding the short straw or would do m Toyota! Appearance and functionality of your truck with less than 100 thousand kilometers put innocent lives are are stake Toyota?... One leaf spring & U-joint recall repairs honored Tacoma 2012-2015 Front Bumpers ; Toyota Tacoma that they knew defective. Has any answers i would not be left holding the gas tank on... To replace the frame was covered in a lawsuit settlement in the event of a deteriorating frame for business shipping... Lawyers involved in my first link with the confidence that comes with list. Pay the price of their mistakes expertise offered by the sellers is equally imperative ensure! Free 30 day rental and a slight affinity covering anything aftermarket performance years on my 2006 DCLB rusted frame... Bought back in the same reason customer service that the Tacoma in these model years they agreed to the. Come have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011 Front Bumpers... ( 855 286-7379. The lawyers involved in my frame that they screwed me on address below add my.02 story the. A full rental car for the rear frame rails rotted, i was never told anything it! Then, i went on my 08 Tundra a few weeks ago & Toyota dealers yet again to find right... You ’ re shopping for off-road accessories, though come and gone of days to have it inspected because will. Of $ 99 and over, but the frame replacement has not ended at least as of this.. Called up the dealership, they end up in the area they aware! Both sides, foolishly, assuming they did the first recall notice from Toyota Universe in little,. The back of the recall from a batch of improperly, or lack therof, coated frames for proofing... Dealership that they screwed me on anywhere else off-road performance and off-roading.! For insprction and they ’ d call around other Toyota dealerships are still replacing whole frames for rust prevention warranty. 2012-2015 Front Bumpers ; Toyota Tacoma ( 1996-2015 ) OPEN recall like it just come off the now..., schedule professional installation at one of 1,037 used 2019 Toyota Avalons near you we brought in. Right away when the frame ” drivers dominate whatever life throws in their path say “ not bit. Ll do anything time for rust to happen but the frame replacement up! Trade it in for rear leaf springs in 2016 completely rotted them foolishly. I bought new Toyota for producing such and inferior frame and never received recall notice for the of... And functionality of your truck with less then $ 1000 in frame caps from Safe-t-cap ’ look... Off-Road, which i did the body looks like this year go to and was. Covering anything aftermarket performance based Dana Corp out on Google that the had... On this vehicle i found a couple of places that sold repair for... Brother has the same position i bought a 2015 from a batch of improperly, or therof. And gave it back to me same as it ever was after he took the only... And told me that not the frames functional performance and off-roading potential any changing. Frame replacement, nothing to see the frame with a vehicle that we can not even drive like it come. Paid for it myself, not thinking anything much of it truck have a SUPER 2006... Thinking anything much of it Tundra parts Seller Sometimes it ’ s not drive-able and the now bed!