This is a Guided Jet-Boat trip fly fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes. Fly has six dancing rubber legs tied before a diamond braid ball at rear of shank to lift legs for movement. The angler usually begins at the head of a long run and fishes all the way through to the tail-out. Sink tips, floating poly leaders. Mark's Tube Spey Intruder (Unweighted) Every angler goes through an evolution. This time of year the days are long and we often are on the river from before sun-up to after sun-down to give you the best opportunity at steelhead. Arguably the best summer steelhead fishing in the Northwest! I like simple flies. Size 2 hook - 3" long You can choose from jet boat trips or more secluded drift boat trips from single to multi-day summer steelhead fly fishing trips. Single day and multi day trips available May-Jun. Book Your Trip " Colin’s knowledge on the Deschutes and fly fishing makes for an exciting fly fishing experience for all regardless of their skill level. " Season: Hatches: Recommended Flies : Dry Flies: Nymphs: Spring (April-June) Salmon Fly Golden Stone Fly Little Yellow Sallies Green Drakes PMDs & PED's … We do keep Skagit heads and sink tips handy and use them when its appropriate to dig a little deeper in the water column. In our experience is that this fly is best when the river is cold and clear. Whether you are fishing the Deschutes, the Skeena rivers, the Umpqua , the Grand Ronde, or just about any other summer steelhead river, you will have flies suiting your needs. Deschutes River Trout and Steelhead Flies. You can fish with confidence with any fly in this selection. This is a really cool fishery and honestly one of my favorite times to fish the Deschutes River for summer steelhead. We encourage you to tie up or buy some flies for your trip and have provided a hatch chart and recommended Deschutes fly list for you to refer to. Trips originate at Heritage Landing. Mystery Tackle Box 1,863,388 views. Our traditional summer steelhead flies are tied on a black nickel, up-turned eye, salmon hook. Deschutes jet boat spey rod deschutes river fly fishing trips d fly fishing d fly fishing trips river borne fly fishing on the deschutes river inFly Fishing For Deschutes River Steelhead Best In AmericaDeschutes River Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing How When WhereDeschutes River Oregon Steelhead Fly FishingDeschutes River Steelhead S Borne OutersDeschutes River Steelhead TripsDeschutes … This is a Guided Jet-Boat trip fly fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes. The first steelhead begin to