Those familiar with the characters know full well that Twilight is highly prone to overreaction, particularly when it comes to both academics and the princess — who is nothing if not kind, understanding, and fun-loving. NOOOOOOOOO!!! Whaam! Please don't hide spoilers in this page. On the mission, they fight Aqualad who has already been revealed to have made a. Oh, stop it Cartman! Main; Laconic; Quotes; All Subpages. Edit. No! The escape succeeds, and this line comes at the end of the episode, turning everything the Turtles have accomplished on its head. WHAM (1180 kHz) is an AM clear channel station in Rochester, New York. Line is a line of dialogue that radically alters a scene. Hahahaha! Therefore, humans must be protected from themselves. Azula, who has used fear to control them without any problems, is suddenly backstabbed by them. Its transition into a darker, more unnerving brand of humor can be traced back to the first time Lemont and Saxon are alone together, when Saxon's mask of sanity begins to slip. I can't blew my cover until Klaus says so. "Megatron: "Oh. Turtles Forever: Mirage Studios: Roy Burdine Lloyd Goldfine 4Kids Entertainment: N/A Television film Crossover event, between the 1987 series and 2003 series. "Moments later... BOOM! In "The Telescope", when BoJack finally works up the courage to apologize to Herb: At the end of "The Shot", when BoJack is wondering where Kelsey is: The Season 2 finale "Out To Sea" has a major one: Also from Season 4, "livin' that cali lifestyle!! ", Venom: "You want the wallcrawler? ", "Guilty, guilty and oh so very guilty of being the new Big Man of Crime!". uncle. Therefore, humans must be protected from themselves. trade her wand in exchange for Marco's life. Just stop it! Similar to the, In "Storm the Castle", Toffee has Marco at his mercy. The audio is brilliant - Dolby Digital really enhances the enjoyment. A subdued example from Daisy, but one signifying beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald and Daisy are meant to be together. Episode is an episode that radically alters the Story Arc, a Wham! "Mama Star" has Marco panic as he starts to lose his memories to the Realm of Magic, going into a rambling monologue about why he's even there, before finally. Sakura isn't dead yet, and is killed immediately after they say this. My name is, By extension, from "I Remember You", as a prelude to. ", Zhalia: "I can't blew my cover until Klaus says so. Our first product line, the Wham Bam Flexible Build System, addresses the need for printers to have a more reliable build surface which is easy to install and makes printing and removing a breeze.We have since released the Slap Mat for resin printing cleanup and the HotBox enclosure for 3D printers. (His genuine thoughts about Penny's true form.). "You're Getting Old": "Because I'm unhappy, okay?! I understand. A scene is set up, plays out as expected, a line totally at odds with the established tone of the scene is uttered, and that line changes the course of the scene dramatically from then on out. Votes: 27,962 | Gross: $1.05M Therefore, humans must be protected from themselves. "Cartman: "What? is revealed to be a report Numbuh One was giving to his class. Line. Whaam! Mutants are human. An absolute shocker at the end of "Growing Pains": "Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2" sees the Maximals about to be destroyed by the Predacons. A scene is headed in one direction, then the line is uttered. aspect is concentrated in a single line, it's a Wham! - The Hollywood Reporter John Belushi makes his first appearance on Saturday Night Live since entering rehab last year. Before the above instance, they discover Tankor to be Rhinox, so Optimus goes into his mind to try to bring his friend's mind back. American screen actor Humphrey Bogart dies aged 57 in California, after a long battle with cancer. and Pow! ("The Avatar and the Fire Lord"), Korra: (to Tarrlok) You're a blood-bender? My infiltration into the Berkian world, years of building trust, behaving as if I were some buffoonish fop, kissing the boots of Stoick the Vast and his scrawny heir to the throne, all in pursuit of the one thing I could not obtain myself: The King of Dragons. TriStar Pictures, a joint venture of CBS, MCA and Gulf+Western, picks up the distribution rights to Nelvana's upcoming animated film Catfish Bend. "Jerry: "And I'm Jerry! 13,160 views made by Bryce Lloyd. ", And also there's this gem from "More Crap", "You must now harness and focus your power, Gok-Zerrah. Whaam! Aunt Selma has just one hour left to live! ", Twilight: "Princess Celestia invites you to the wedding between Princess Mia Amore Cadenza and... my brother!? Even earlier than that, when the audience learns Red X's identity in. Shaggy: "There's only one thing missing from your theory, Fred: the creep inside! ", Trask: "You can't make me do this! In "Save the Cat", Hordak utters a single word that reveals that Horde Prime's mind-control techniques are neither permanent nor infallible. Line. So when the duo decides to give him a new purpose in life whether it is good or bad, it comes a powerful revelation from a certain episode that the, "The Disaster" was when the series was in its, "The Test" has an interesting example, as the first part of the sentence makes it seem like a, "The Vegging", the 200th episode, started with Gumball and Darwin trying to have a full lazy day despite all the chaotic events happening to the point the universe itself try to. Line. When Shrek was announced as the latest inductee into the U.S. National Film Registry, the response online was mostly raucous laughter. Wham! After Leo tells her that her true father is Splinter, Karai began to have doubts about the Shredder's motives. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? ", "Get in the car, Stan! There is no trigger, because there is no detonator. "Master Mold: "That is not logical. From "Return of the Gladiator", when Shiro is the first to figure out Pidge's secret: From the Season 1 finale, Zarkon explaining one of the main reasons he's taken such an interest in the Lions to begin with: From "Return the Blitz", Acxa realizes Lotor has killed Narti, who was. Of all shows from of all studios, Filmation 's 1987 cartoon Bravestarr has a Wham Episode dealing with drug abuse, but it refuses to do with it what Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue did--sugarcoat it. In "Brian and Stewie", when Stewie asks why Brian has a gun in his safety deposit box. A MULTIVERSE of accursed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Isaac Solotaroff shoots footage for his film in Indonesia. aspect is concentrated in a single line, it's a Wham! "Scaryoke" has an in-unievers one for Dipper near the end of the episode that: A HUGE one from the ending of "Not What He Seems": Earlier in the same episode, a 30 year old newspaper headline that Dipper and Mabel discover: Fiddleford gives a minor one after being pulled out of the portal, which doubles as a, There's a well-hidden one in the final episode, "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls": anyone who plays, In the previous episode, Vert's dad Major Wheeler had told him to quit racing with the Teku to Vert's dismay. The station is owned by Deerfield Media; the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns Fox affiliate WUHF (channel 31), operates WHAM-TV under a shared services agreement (SSA). Whaam! Afterwards, the scene is going somewhere very, very different. And what makes you think I still won't get away with it? Wham! ", Webby's mysterious new friend Lena uses her magical amulet to speak to a, At the end of "The Shadow War! Fan Works; Newspaper Comics; Poetry; Pro Wrestling; Professional Wrestling; Web Original; Create New. ", Dewey and Webby go into the McDuck archives to find information on Della Duck, whose history and existence is being denied and kept hidden by Scrooge. - The best of. From the ending of "In Your Footsteps", we see why the Bear wanted the Enchiridion so badly: From the ending of "Billy's Bucket List": Another revelation about Princess Bubblegum's past in "Bonnie and Neddy" and to the Candy Kingdom as a whole: From "Evergreen", when Gunter puts on the crown and makes his wish. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example. This turns out to be correct. This prompts Vert to race again in the Realms and gets his foot injured. Mark Beaks brags to Emma Glamour after stealing her phone to get to her IT list, and reveals his relationship to her. style, the production on this DVD is excellent. Line. At the end of "The Beagle Birthday Massacre! Lyrics to Wake Me Up song by AVICII: Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end "Bart: "Aunt Selma has just one hour left to live! I know where Gooseman's genetic models came from. "Queen Chrysalis: "Oh, you will be. was first exhibited at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City in 1963, and purchased by the Tate Gallery, London, in 1966.It has been on permanent display at Tate Modern since 2006. Formed in 1981, The original line up of Wham included George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley and backing vocals from Pepsi and Shirley. ", Queen of the Crown: "I know all about you, Ranger Foxx." Whereas a Wham Episode is an episode that radically alters the Story Arc, a Wham Line is a line of dialogue that radically alters a scene. This is a good collection of Wham's song's, and in typical Wham! Commander Peepers: "Oh, my grop. You were designed to protect humans from mutants! (Darkseid proceeds to disintegrate Dan Turpin). Justice League Unlimited: "And if I were you, I wouldn't probe the situation too boy." And the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns, Part 2": "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish": From "E Pluribus Wiggum", when Lisa tries to warn. In "Boys in the Band", Chip reveals a secret about his life, which gives Timmy an idea on how to free him from Vicky. Islam!, a film about a Kuwaiti entrepreneur trying to launch a comic book series in … In the episode "Simple Simpson" when Homer becomes Pie Man. Ben from Ben 10 loves to spout these before turning alien and leaping into action. Do you like it, Scott? THE NAME'S DOCTOR ROCKSO, THE ROCK-N-ROLL CLOWN, AND, The masked assassin's betrayal of Magnus in. "But... it's not a full moon! - The Toronto Star Disney confirms a Jungle Book film is in the works for a 1984 release. You aren't reading another sentence of your stupid story! Just as a Wham! watch 01:20. In the first season finale, Optimus is piloting a stasis pod set to self-destruct towards this big planet-destroyer. ", Red Tornado: "Unfortunately, the Roy Harper we have all known for the last three years is another Cadmus clone.". working for Lotor's mother Haggar all along. Nightwing asks Artemis to rejoin the team. I can't blow my cover until Klaus says so. impossible! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. History Talk (0) Share. "Tom: "I'm Tom! You mean about how you put pubes in my chili? (as the Slaverlord behind him takes on the form of his wife)Senator Whiner: "Walsh! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Batman: The Animated Series: "Read My Lips" ends with the doctors at Arkham Asylum thinking the Ventriloquist is making progress in his recovery, but the audience sees he's making a new Scarface puppet, also revealing that the Ventriloquist does not suffer a case of Gollum Made Me Do It, but a case of Literal Split Personality; The ending of Big Hero 6: The Series episode "Lie Detector." Pod doors are magna-sealed. The animation was not seen after June 14, 1984 (three days after Michael Larson's run). Just as a Wham! Skip to main 1957 was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1957th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 957th year of the 2nd millennium, the 57th year of the 20th century, and the 8th year of the 1950s decade. In December 1914, an unofficial Christmas truce on the Western Front allows soldiers from opposing sides of the First World War to gain insight into each other's way of life. ", Ned Flanders: "Now calm down, Nedilly-diddly-iddly-diddly-doodly! ", TV: "Tonight! In "Race to the Spire", the mysterious fairy-like girl who's been manipulating Cassandra finally introduces herself to Rapunzel and reveals she's actually an old enemy out for revenge. In "Dude, Where's My Ranch? ; Played with in the The Simpsons several times. ", Anti-Pops: "The moment you let me go, I'm gonna blast you into nothing! but Celestia is furious when she sees the mayhem that Twilight's reckless actions have wreaked upon the town. In "The Ticket Master", Celestia sends two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, one for her and a friend. In "Holly Jolly Secrets", Finn and Jake get to the last, earliest tape in the Ice King's video diary, and this is what they hear: "Hello. Then here's a scoop: PETER PARKER IS SPIDER-MAN!". It's not! The strange things that happened today were for a reason. Until now, Beatrice had been confusing BoJack for a woman named Henrietta. After being pushed around by Max for too long, Scarlett finally. He succeeds, but... Bethanie Ravencroft's text at the end of "Toxic": "Wayne hooked, awaiting instructions.". ", Chef: "Christmas Poo? is a 1963 diptych painting by the American artist Roy Lichtenstein.It is one of the best-known works of pop art, and among Lichtenstein's most important paintings. Also in "Ignition" where the drivers are preparing to enter the Storm Realm. January 14. Fire Lord Sozin was your father's grandfather; your mother's grandfather was Avatar Roku." On the mission, they fight Aqualad who has already been revealed to have made a. In "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. the Big One," the Flying Dutchman ends up in Davy Jones' locker himself after trying to do so to Mr. Krabs. The Final: Wham!, Multi-Artistes: Music. ", Slade: "You're going to destroy the world, Raven...", Zhao: "I assure you, Iroh. In "Timmy's Secret Wish", Timmy is put on trial by the Fairy Council for making a secret, undocumented wish, and he explains the wish he made, putting an interesting twist on the. This indicates that Thrust was actually Waspinator, turning Blackarachnia's ongoing search plot upside down, and is immediately followed by the revelation that Silverbolt is really Jetstorm. The not-fully-powered Daolon Wong tries to break out by making a spell to summon Shadowkhan when this happens: The last line in "Once and Future Thing, Part 1". Imagi Animation Studios film loosely based on the manga series of the same name. ", as BoJack leaves his dementia-addled mother in the nursing home: Season 6, "Xerox of a Xerox", as this line from Biscuits Braxby not only reveals some harsh new context to the ending of "That's Too Much, Man! take the art if you want, just don't hurt the boy. ", Alt!Doofenshmirtz: "Platyborg... Do that same thing to those two boys over there! New Line Cinema: Theatrical ($201,965,915) RoboCop 2: Original Irvin Kershner: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Orion Pictures) Theatrical ($45,681,173) Sequel to a 1987 film Darkman: Sam Raimi: Universal Pictures: Theatrical ($48,878,502) Sgt. ", Finn: "We must've left millions of dollars back on that beach. See you at dinner! Hankey? ", Kim: "But... we captured the Supreme One. January 13 – Wham-O Company produces the first Frisbee. Iroh: "You have two grandfathers, Prince Zuko. ", Puggsy: "The name's Puggsy. You mean Mr. From "Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm", after Sandy defeats the monstrous worm that had been terrorizing Bikini Bottom: From "Mid-Life Crustacean", after Mr. Krabs, Spongebob and Patrick participate in a panty raid: From "Arrgh! Bam! Hail Satan! "When I'm thirsty, it feels how it feels when I'm alone.". In "The Man" on why Richard is hostile to his mother's new boyfriend: In "The Nobody", Gumball and Darwin found their culprit and he reveals himself to be a nobody who can't even remember himself. Independent Lens caught up with Isaac Solotaroff, the filmmaker behind Wham! "Preboot" drops the biggest bombshell of the entire series at that point: "Min and Marty" finally explains why Susan went to the Land of Ooo: From the episode "The Shell". smoke cloud. "Baron Josek" steps into the shadows and laughs, then. "Total Eclipsa the Moon" reveals that Mewni's royal family is not what it seems: "Curse of the Blood Moon" has Star and Marco attempt to undo the curse that supposedly forced them to fall in love, and then Star drops this on us. "(Darkseid proceeds to disintegrate Dan Turpin), Jafar: "It's mine! "Jasmine: "Because we know you're lying! From "Epilogue" (It also counts as one for, Right at the end of "Panic in the Sky", we finally get an explanation as to why Lex has been doing what he's been doing, and why he got so healthy and powerful. Though that was understandable, her next line is her true character defining moment: In "The Elite Guard", Porter C. Powell drops this bombshell on Sari after he. If the Wham! Ba Sing Se is taken over, and Aang is killed in the wake of Azula's plan. Star manages to talk her way out with a. If the Wham! ", Lisa gets jealous when she sees her crush Luke talking to a girl named Clara. From the premiere episode "Tourist Trapped": Up until "Little Dipper", we thought that Gideon just wanted the Shack in order to get Mabel to be his girlfriend. However, the real WHAM is that, although Spider-Man and his team bring in five of the six, Curt Connors fully becomes The Lizard and runs away, leaving Peter feeling helpless after he tried to save him. Line is a line of dialogue that radically alters a scene. 2.1 Whammies 2.2 Double Whammies 3 Animations in Video Game 4 Animations … ", but also highlights how utterly screwed Bojack is during his second interview: At the end, "Operation A.R.C.H.I.V.E." Learning that one of the five main heroes is actually destined to bring about the apocalypse- and that the apocalypse is coming soon- is a pretty big Wham, especially since it provides the final piece to make all the bad things that happened across the episode click, revealing how far back their relationship goes, I'm going to join the Avatar, and I'm going to help him defeat you, places a mask of the Baron's face on the desk, I imagine my great-great-great granddaughter in the future. Thus, most people watching will expect Celestia not to care about the tardy homework assignment. ", Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. In "The Beacon", Glimmer, blaming herself for a disastrous bout with the Horde, lashes out at her mother about her feelings of inadequacy, only for Queen Angella to reveal her dark secret: that she ordered the humiliating battle that led to her husband's death and the end of the first Princess Alliance. When the two discover a secret room, they find a frame containing a note that indicates some kind of betrayal on her part. In the finale, he overcomes his doubts and injury to race against. Quotes • Headscratchers • Playing With • Useful Notes • Analysis • Image Links • Haiku • Laconic; Justice League Unlimited: "And if I were you, I wouldn't probe the situation too closely... rich boy." Episode is an episode that radically alters the Story Arc, a Wham! ", Optimus Prime: "Where are we, Megatronus? This one reveals Mitchell's true nature as he looks on while the kids are rehearsing for the play. avg. "The Right Way" has Marco coming to warn Star about Mina. All The Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. You mean about how you put pubes in your chili. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. Hello Select your address Music Hello, Sign in. They tend to be incredibly cheesy, but give him a break, he's a Kid Hero. Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. bro. The others inquire who she is, and get a shocking response: From Book 2, at the end of the episode "The Sting": This line from "Never Roar Again" after Kion nearly kills his mother with the Roar of the Elders. score: 24 of 50 (47%) required scores: 1, 15, 21, 27, 33 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. when Webby and Violet's attempt to rescue Lena from the Shadow Realm has seemingly failed. This is a trip down memory lane, excellent for both the music, and a good laugh remembering how we all used to look back in the 80's. After a scene laden with. In "Shanghaied", The Flying Dutchman has taken SpongeBob and Patrick as crew-mates and as dealt with their failure to scare people, one too many times. Of all shows from of all studios, Filmation 's 1987 cartoon Bravestarr has a Wham Episode dealing with drug abuse, but it refuses to do with it what Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue did--sugarcoat it. "Pops: "I know. "Computer: "Negative. The moment Pidge realizes Matt's transponder has led her to a burial ground: Keith's attempt to sacrifice himself at the end of Season 4: When Shiro's clone yells at Lance in Season 6: In "The Black Paladins" when Keith is trying to get through to Shiro's clone: And from "Happy New Year", FIVE YEARS LATER, From "Bloodlines": The happy go lucky, carefree Bart from this episode is almost entirely an act hiding that he's from a, For context, Nightwing asks Artemis to rejoin the team. And in "Heart, Part 2," she seals the deal. ", Sideshow Bob: "Bart, open your heart. In "Huntara", Hordak reveals his origins to Entrapta. If the Wham! That's why I'm not going to let go.". A scene is set up, plays out as expected, a line totally at odds with the established tone of the scene is uttered, and that line changes the course of the scene dramatically from then on out. It seems like yet another bout of paranoia from Nigel, until his teacher places a call: At the end of the pilot, Dewey discovers that the picture of Scrooge and Donald adventuring together has a corner bent over, and pulls it back to reveal the complete image of a third. ", Scott Tenorman: "Welcome to my Chili Con Carnival! You are! In "Boys' Night Out", Adora and Glimmer's growing dissent with each other comes to a head when. Line/Western Animation < Wham! Why don't you believe me? The Whammy Jazz Band: The last Whammy animation seen in the series. How are you doing this? However, played completely straight with the. I don't see her! < Wham! It was formed in 1894 as a partnership by Alfred Stromberg and Androv Carlson.It was one of five companies that controlled the national supply of telephone equipment until after World War II. (briefly known in the US as Wham! Wham! The last few minutes of the episode "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". See?" At the beginning of "Over the Edge", when Batman and Robin are trying to evade the police force. If the Wham! Changed line(s) 245 (click to see context) from: -->'''Johann''': [[EvilAllAlong My infiltration into the Berkian world, years of building trust, behaving as if I were some buffoonish fop, kissing the boots of Stoick the Vast and his scrawny heir to the throne, all in pursuit of the one thing I … He discovers it's another 'Golden Disk', and at the end of the episode he reports what he found to the other Maximals: In "The Catalyst", Blackarachnia reawakens Thrust's sealed-away personality, hoping to be reunited with Silverbolt. You aren't reading another sentence of your stupid story! I've been unhappy for a long time! ", Scott Summers/Cyclops: (pulling Professor X from his wheelchair) "It was YOU! Influenced by funk and soul music and presenting themselves as disaffected youth, Wham! "Daring Don't", when Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash discover A.K. "The Duck Knight Returns!" Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to … A page for describing WhamLine: Western Animation. In an odd way, from the myth of the Regal Sisters from the opening minutes of the first episode. Annual was published, in 1972 (but as part of the 1973 Annuals) At the end of "Friendship Hates Magic!" Optimus: "All right, it's time. WHAM is an affiliate of the Fox News Radio Network. They did their best, shodilly-diddly-iddly-diddly! What's yours? Kripalu Maharaj is named fifth Jagadguru (world teacher), after giving seven days of speeches before 500 Hindu scholars. Put him back in the time-out chair. In Episode 116, Stumpy is in the hospital and a girl comes to visit him. The plan is for him to blow the doors and zoom out before the explosion. From the end of the episode "Space Race part I": At the climax of "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy", Wormwood gives Batman's cape and cowl to Baron Josek, who had hired him to steal them. ", it is revealed that Della is still alive, lost on the moon after the Spear of Selene crashed there, and she manages to pick up a TV news transmission from Duckburg and realizes her sons are alive. Wham! ", Stinky Pete: "I tried reasoning with you, Woody, but you keep forcing me to take extreme measures. ", 2003 Shredder: "BEHOLD! Also, when Azula's "friends" Ty Lee and Mai betray Azula at the Boiling Rock.

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