Benign Mimickers of Malignancy in the Chest on F-18 FDG PET/CT. Objective: MRI is the most sensitive imaging modality for the detection of breast cancer; however, it is costly, time consuming, and uncomfortable for the patient. Paraneoplastic Syndromes: When to Suspect, How to Confirm, and How to Manage, E3002. Hard to Swallow: A Review of Optimal Evaluation and Treatment of Suspected Esophageal Food Impaction, 2891. E2589. Guidelines for Preparing an ARRS Electronic Exhibit . Primer for Residents Reviewing Incidental Findings and Management on Brain Imaging, E1337. Scroll with Me: A Structured Approach to Genitourinary MRI for Beginners, E2703. Pre-Biopsy Needle-Localization: An Alternative to Excisional Biopsy, E2960. Using Clay Models to Understand the Bronchopulmonary Segments in V/Q and CT Scans: A Resident Teaching Tool, E1208. E1036. Left Atrium in Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism: is the Size any Different in Patients with an Underlying Malignancy? 3010. The Current State of Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Radiology: Workforce Trends, Training Pathways, and Training Program Websites, E2897. Can Post TACE Volumetric Oil Deposition on CT Predict Treatment Response in Liver Metastases from Soft Tissue Sarcomas? Coronary Bioresorbable Stents: Non-Invasive Quantitative Evaluation of Intra- and Juxta-stent Plaque Composition: A CT Longitudinal Study, E2901. E2459. Objective: Gadoxetic acid is a mixed extracellular-hepatobiliary contrast agent with linear-ionic structure. Sensitivity of Screening US for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, E2522. MRI of the Prostate at 1.5T: Can it Be Used to Detect Clinically Significant Cancer in Patients with Medical Devices Contra-Indicated at 3T? Thinking Beyond the Malignancy: Zebras of the Breast, E1090. Detection of IUD Malpositioning After the Addition of 3D Ultrasound into a 2D Sonographic Protocol, E2603. Fore! Calcifications of the Urinary Tract on CT: A Pictorial Review, E2375. Initial Analysis, E2986. Levator Hiatus Measurement and Its Correlation with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, 2739. Mentorship in Radiology: A Current Overview from Multiple Perspectives, E2916. Can Radiomics Use Predict Treatment Response at Baseline CT and Assess Treatment Outcome on Follow-up CT in Patients with Lung Cancer, 3119. Pitfalls in Emergency Pediatric Abdominal Ultrasound, E2805. Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Coaching: Key Concepts and a Guide for Successful Implementation in Radiology, E2457. Mirror Image Artifact Mimicking Pathology, E2483. A Collaborative Approach to Reduce Backlog of Pending CT Appointments, E1242. Prostate Imaging for Dummies: A Beginner's Guide, E2950. 68Ga-Dotatate PET CT: A Case-Based Pictorial Review of Benign, Incidental and Pathological Findings, Highlighting Its Impact on Management, E1224. It’s All in the Hips: A Review of Osseous Tumors of the Hip and Pelvis, E2528. Various Congenital Abnormalities of the Pancreaticobiliary System, E3029. Spinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistulae: From Diagnosis to Treatment, E2926. Oh, it’s an Aneurysm! Skull Base Imaging From Outside to Inside, E2423. Browse 2020 abstracts by viewing the list of session titles. To Notice the Forest Through the Trees: A Pictorial Review of the Often-Overlooked Mesentery, Peritoneum, and Omentum, E2416. 2020 Meeting Abstracts. The purpose of this article was to determine whether the radiographic and CT appearance of ballistic projectiles predicts their composition and to characterize the translational, rotational, and temperature effects of a 1.5-T … The Effect of Background Parenchymal Enhancement on Surgical Treatment and 5-year Survival Rate, 2843. National Progress in Reducing Emergency Department Imaging For Low Back Pain: A Geographic and Temporal Analysis, 1233. Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Disorders of the Gerota's Fascia: An Overview of Gerota's Fascia and Cross-Sectional Imaging Findings, E3063. The Right proSTATE of Mind: A Case-Based Review of Benign Prostatic and Periprostatic Lesions, E2404. endstream endobj startxref Imaging Appearances of Neurological Complications of Immunotherapy, E3003. Lipoblastoma: Comprehensive Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of Imaging Features and Natural History, 2806. Initial Experience with Siemens ACUSON in an Online Screening Center, E1143. Placental Thickness Correlates with Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS) Disorder in Women with Placenta Previa, E1292. What’s the Buzz with Blockchain? Your changes will not be saved. E2372. Postoperative Lumbar Spine: Complications and Conundrums, E2441. Bladder and Urethral Injury: Where is the Leak? Big and Small, Near and Far: Fat in the Liver, E2381. Objective To examine the association between gestational age at birth across the entire gestational age spectrum and special educational needs (SENs) in UK children at 11 years of age. TAVR Protocol CT: Basic Scanning Protocol and Problem Solving, E2702. How to Read a CT of the Abdomen and Pelvis: Interactive Educational Website is a High-Impact Resource for Medical Students and Residents, E2370. ARRS is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians, and has received the highest level of accreditation, Accreditation with Commendation. Rad Women: Recruit, Retain, Promote from a Practicing Perspective, E1038. Do Patient Demographics Affect PD-1 Inhibitor Response? Common Quality Issues and Artifacts in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Synthesized 2D Mammography: Not All Tomosynthesis is the Same, E2828. Radiologist, E1192. Varicella Zoster Virus Vasculopathy and Stroke, E2701. Looks Can Be Sometimes Deceptive! My Tummy Hurts: Pediatric Intraperitoneal Masses, E2904. Don't Let Your Patients Disappear! Soft Tissue Masses Made Easy: A Systematic Approach to Imaging Evaluation, E2479. Renal Infection on CT and MR: A Pictorial Review with Emphasis on Complications and Atypical Infections, E2573. Mullerian Duct Anomalies: Sometimes There's Only One Side to the Story, E1080. Is it All Just in Your Head? Spectrum of Atypical Adrenal Lesions, from Complex to Simple: Case-Based Review and Diagnostic Algorithm, E2810. Diffuse Optical Tomography Provides a Biomarker for Breast Cancer Risk That is Modifiable by Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, 3077. E2364. Blunt Chest Trauma: A Pictorial Overview, E2917. Deep Learning Method for Identifying Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear on Knee MRI, 2463. Diagnosing Fatty Liver on Ultrasound, E2456. A Trainee's Guide to Primary Aldosteronism and Adrenal Venous Sampling, E2399. Indeterminate Adrenal Nodule Characterization with Spectral Detector CT Generated Virtual Non-Contrast Images, 2819. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SCOPE OF WORK. Association of Aspirin and Other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on Bleeding Complications in Image-Guided Musculoskeletal Biopsies, 2607. Substantial deviation Three-Phase High-Resolution CT in the Diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Disease: Are We Prone to Over-Imaging and Radiating Our Patients? Pain in the Back: A Case-Based Review, 1093. ICD-11 Coding in Radiology: Understanding and Making the Transition Easier, E1229. Dual-Energy CT Venography in Emergency Neuroimaging, E1083. Differentiating Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Calcifications and Identifying Their Anatomic Location, E2652. State of the Art Multimodality Imaging Review of Inferior Vena Cava, E2611. A Resident’s Guide to Recognizing Common Upper Extremity Injuries in Golfers, E2956. E2746. For more information, please contact us at 212-315-8652 or email External Validity of Deep Learning for Imaging-Based Radiological Diagnosis: A Systematic Review, E1279. Correlation Between Myocardial Bridge and Coronary Atherosclerosis Studied by CT Angiography, E1050. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pregnant Women: What to Do, See and Say on Call! US Medical School Graduate Interest in Interventional Radiology versus Diagnostic Radiology, 3099. Adenomyosis Diagnosis and Fertility Concerns: A Pictorial Essay, E2929. Don't Get Tripped Up: Osseous Tumors of the Foot and Ankle, E2432. Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat Quantification on Routine Magnetic Resonance Enterography: Comparison with a CT Reference Standard, E2374. Association of Medial Meniscal Tears and Lateral Coronal Tibiofemoral Subluxation in Adults and Meniscal Role on Mediolateral Knee Stability, 3098. Address correspondence to A. Kesselman ([email protected]).T. Dark Side of the Wrist: The Ulnar Side, E2447. Imaging Features of Peripheral Vascular Injury on CT Angiogram, E2411. E3067. The Values of IVIM and DKI in Detection of Recurrent Soft Tissue Tumor, 1196. The review process is completed on-line via the Meeting Management site. Value of Preoperative Imaging Tests in the Evaluation of Patients with Pectus Excavatum, E2692. US in Pediatric Appendicitis: An Audit of the Appropriate First Line Imaging in a University Hospital, E2601. Pediatric Hip Pain: All You Need to Know, E3116. 2776. A Case-Based Review on Some Common and Uncommon Temporal Bone Pathologies, E2774. Pictorial Review of Muscle Strains: Lower Extremity, E2922. Traumatic Lumbar Spine Fractures: Transverse Process Fractures Dominate, 2453. A Practical and Ethical Guide, E2907. 2880. Throw Me a Bone: A Guide to Osseous Metastases, E2724. Pearls in Cigarette-Associated Lung Disease, E2998. Systemic Diseases Affecting the Breast: Review of Imaging and Management, E1059. Dose Length Product to Effective Dose Conversion Coefficients for Pediatric Chest and Abdomen and Pelvis CT, E1005. Getting Ahead with (HEDIS): Method to Improving Value in Radiology, E2616. 1222. Ultrasound in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Current Evidence, E2379. Depositions: Navigating the Medical Malpractice Minefield, E2546. Don't Get It Twisted: MRI Findings for Adnexal Torsion, E2830. THE ATS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ABSTRACTS FOR THE 2021 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. Performance for Deep Learning Prostate Organ Segmentation: How Many Cases Do You Need? Can Measurement of Fetal Abdominal Wall Adipose Tissue Thickness Adequately Predict Fetal Growth with Abdominal Wall Defect-Initial Analysis, E2939. Great Mimicker of Hepatocellulcar Carcinoma: A Review of Hepatic Angiomyolipoma Through 19 Cases on Dynamic CT and/or MRI, E1232. Radiologist's Role in Work Up of Dysphagia: Forgotten Maneuvers for Demonstrating Strictures, Webs, Rings and Sliding Hiatal Hernias, E2862. It’s A Small World After All: Exploring Unusual Small Bowel Pathology, E2517. ‎In lieu of the 2020 ARRS Annual Meeting cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, registrants can use the ARRS 2020 App to view an abundance of educational resources for radiologists, including electronic exhibits, oral presentations, abstracts, … h�b```f``����� ��A��X��,'^|8~�G�������ƴ�O�S^F�4iN�p+Z�#(���luɁAPУ����H500��)F 7 xX��iO,� �������D�Wo2�a^��|�1�E�9�ُ����o����'���g�zS���2T1������%��_�}��H3� 37� Machine Learning Algorithm for Muscle Measurement Predicts Mortality in the National Lung Screening Trial, 3016. All That's Distorted Need Not Be Excised: Benign Histologies of Architectural Distortion, E2914. A Pictorial Essay for Subtle CT Temporal Bone Findings Correlate with the Conductive Hearing Loss: What Each Radiologist Should Look For, E2417. Deposits that Don't Pay: Cardiac Amyloidosis Evaluation with Technetium-99m Pyrophosphate, E2677. Substantial deviation from the Knowledge of Billable Indications for Radiology Studies. E2946. The Care and Feeding of a Visiting Professor: How We Run a Grand Rounds/Visiting Professor Program in Radiology, E2906. Quality Improvement Initiative Aimed at Reducing Screening Mammography Wait Time at Our Institution, E2888. To Determine the Ultrasound Predictors of Successful Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy Using a Single Dose Methotrexate Protocol, E1008. Deciphering Machine Learning Articles: A Simplified Guide to Critical Appraisal for Radiologists, E2934. Longitudinal Ultrasound Simulation Program in Diagnostic Radiology Residency: Development, Implementation, and Initial Outcomes, 1267. Diagnostic Quality and Radiation Dose for Pulmonary Embolism Protocol Computed Tomography: ASIR-V vs. Standard Filtered Back Projection, E1321. Watch Me Scroll: A Systematic Approach to Gastrointestinal MRI for Beginners, E2418. Ptosis, Miosis and Anhidrosis, Oh My! The Application of Volumetric MRI in Predicting Mild Cognitive Impairment Phenotype, E2390. E2727. Tips and Tricks to Interpreting the Spectrum of Pancreatitis and Its Mimics, E2383. To Be or Not to Be: Beyond the Fibroadenoma, E2796. Evaluation of Image-Guided Core Needle Biopsy of Radio-Occult Bone Lesions, 2714. ... 2020 Meeting Abstracts. Application of Coronary Non-Contrast MR Angiography for Patients with Suspected Coronary Artery Diseases, E2433. Quantitative Analysis of Perineural Fat Predicts Severity of Foraminal Stenosis, E2549. It May Be Your Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex! Down to The Wire: A Case Review of the Utility of Preoperative Image-guided Wire Localization Outside of Mammography, E1326. A Bundle of Nerves: Methods to Decrease Patient Anxiety During Emergency Imaging Procedures, E3089. Free-breathing Simultaneous Multislice Diffusion-Weighted MRI of the Liver: Analysis of Image Quality in Comparison to Standard Sequence, 2625. Superior Capsular Reconstruction on MR Imaging: Filling in the Gaps, E2892. Anomalous Coronary Artery: The Intramural Course, E2957. Optimizing Diagnosis to Treatment Time for Outpatients with Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis, E1101. Fat or Fiction? E2707. Update on Ovarian Neoplasm: Algorithmic Clinical and Imaging Approach to Benign versus Malignant Neoplasms, 1024. Detection, Clinical Significance, and Management of Sternal Lesions on Breast MRI, E1351. Designing and Implementing a Standardized Workflow Template for I-131 Treatment and Surveillance: Initial Experience, E1089. An Organized Approach to Interpreting CT of the Paranasal Sinuses: How to Keep the Surgeon Out of Trouble? A Pictorial Radiological Review of the Demyelinating White Matter Diseases with Correlation of the Clinicopathological Findings, E2565. Image-Guided Nerve Blocks for Pain Management in Pediatric Oncology Patients, E2665. Utilizing a Custom Field to Fulfill Pennsylvania ACT 112 Requirements, E2786. Consider Normal Anatomical Variants and Postsurgical Changes, E2527. Role of 99mTc-MDP Bone Scintigraphy with SPECT-CT in Lunate Imaging: What Every Radiologist Should Know, E3072. The Changing World of Contraband Smuggling, E2887. Improving Longitudinal Transversal Relaxation of Gadolinium Chelate Using Silica Coating Magnetite Nanoparticles, 1052. Impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT and 68Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT Discordance on Management of Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors, E1261. ARRS Quick Bytes is a member-exclusive benefit that provides 20-minute videos on emerging topics in radiology. Wunderlich Syndrome: Wonder What it Is? The Subcarinal Mass: Approach to the Differential Diagnosis, E2623. Can 18-F NaF Positron Emission–Computed Tomography Be an Efficacious Modality to Detect Early Aortofemoral Graft Late Occlusion? CT-Based Radiomic Signature as Predictive of Lymph Node Stage and Survival Outcomes After Surgical Resection in Pancreatic Cancer, 2971. Dual Energy CT Arthrography: A Feasibility Study, 2656. Effectiveness of Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release, 1203. 0 Axumin PET: Promising Tool in Prostate Cancer Biochemical Recurrence, E1282. E1055. Lung Cancer Screening: 5-year Review of Body Mass Index and CTDIvol. Orientation of the Testicular Mediastinum at Ultrasound: Can it Predict Torsion Risk? SIRPAC Donations: Interventional Radiology Political Action Committee Donations Lag Far Behind Diagnostic Radiology Contributions, E2993. CT vs. Accuracy of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with CEUS-LI-RADS and Improved LI-RADS, E2766. E1286. Case Based Review of Thoracic Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis, E1285. Classification and Management of Proximal Femur Fractures, E1057. May 1-6, 2022 Hyatt Regency New Orleans, LA. Getting Tissue: A Primer on Breast Biopsy, E1197. Cardiac Devices in Heart Failure: A Radiologic Review, E1303. Gastrointestinal and Mesenteric Amyloidosis: Review of CT and MRI Findings, E3066. Animating Abdominal Imaging Education: Case-Based Tutorial and Survey Utilizing Annotated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), 1365. Benefit of Breast MRI for Screening Women With and Without a Known Gene Mutation, 2394. Acute Traumatic Aortic Injury: What a Radiologist Should Know About Identification, Classification and Management, E3065. To the Orbits and Beyond: A Pictorial Review, E2371. Acute Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy: How to Image When Push Comes to Shove. You will be signed out in seconds due to inactivity. A Pictorial Review of Sellar/Suprasellar Pathologies in Pediatric and Adult Population, E2802. Reading Between Those Lines: A Review of the Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonias and Differential Diagnosis of Their Patterns. 2020 Award Winning Exhibits. E2369. Texture Analysis in the Characterization of Soft Tissue Tumor and Detection of Recurrence: Based on Fat Suppression T2 Weighted Imaging, 1025. ABSTRACT : OBJECTIVE. Pre-Procedure Planning for Prostate Artery Embolization, E2958. Generative Adversarial Neural Networks in the Creation of Synthetic Chest Radiographic Views: Can it Been Done? Diffuse Lung Disease in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy (IIM): Key Clinical and Imaging Features with Histopathologic Correlation, E1299. Stable or Unstable: Recognizing and Classifying C-Spine Trauma, E2932. Rocking Horses: Pegged Glenoid Component Failures, E2361. Diversity Initiative in Radiology Residency Recruitment at University Hospitals: Case Western Reserve University Department of Radiology, 3059. 3078. Placenta Accrete Spectrum (PAS): Standardized Assessment on US and MRI, E1278. Multi-Modality Imaging in MINOCA: Myocardial Infarction with Normal Coronary Arteries, 1126. Baseline CT Radiomic and Genomic Assessment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, 2865. Rads to Riches: Residents’ Guide to Understanding Radiology Revenue Cycle Management, E2556. Adult Intestinal Malrotation: An Easily Overlooked but Important Fact, E2501. Instant Screening Mammography Results and Impact on Timing to Recall Mammography in a Large Regional Multi-State Patient Population, 1063. E2719. Calcifications After Lumpectomy: To Biopsy or Not to Biopsy? Is Your Skin in the Game? Should it be Added to the McDonald Criteria? May 5-10, 2024 John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center Boston, MA . A Review of Spontaneously Resolving Breast Calcifications, E1091. CAD in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Focus on New FDA Regulations for Breast Imaging, E2428. Evaluating the Efficacy of Doppler Ultrasonography in Predicting TIPS Stenosis and Dysfunction: A Retrospective Chart Review, E1035. Sonography of the Neonatal Head and Spine: Normal Anatomy and Uncommon Diagnosis with CT or MR Correlates, E1288. View Brochure Abstracts 2021 Save the Date! ABUS or Bust? Sound Mind About Shoulder Ultrasound: A Primer on Ultrasound-Guided Evaluation of the Shoulder, E2681. Does DWI have a Role in Diagnosing and Dating Active Multiple Sclerosis? Muscle Attenuation is Not a Predictor of Increased Toxicity or Impaired Chemotherapy Response in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, 3008. A Practical Guide to Injuries and Unique Conditions of the Pediatric Knee, E2500. Heads or Tails: An Essential Review of Pancreatic Trauma, E1159. The Subtle Findings of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. The Interventional Radiology (IR) Clinic Teaching Model: Preliminary Survey of Integrated IR Residencies, 2991. Value of Vascular Imaging in Assessing the Source of Embolic Stroke, E1019. The Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow: Normal Anatomy and Neuropathy, E2525. Please know that ARRS’ first priority is the health, safety, and well … Non-Penetrating Foreign Bodies in the Chest: How Many Have You Missed? MAIL. Mayhem Around the Mammaries: A Pictorial Review of Extra-Mammary Findings on Breast MRI, E2882. Imaging of the Developing Pediatric Ankle, E2979. Think Fast - Utilizing the Agile, Scrum, and Lean Approach in Radiology, E2486. the Urologist Needs to Know, E2833. Utilizing Feature Detection in Medical Imaging: Deep Learning for Cardiomegaly Determination. Bowel Gas Patterns on NICU Radiograph That You Should Not Miss, E2905. A Review of Fetal Abdominal Developmental Anomalies, E1324. Fontan Associated Liver Disease (FALD): What is it, and What Does it Look Like? Assessing Splenomegaly as a Predictor for Advanced Nonalcoholic Liver Disease, E2545. A Comparison Between Regular MRI Protocol and the “Fast Osteomyelitis” MRI Protocol in Diagnosis of Pediatric Osteomyelitis, E2543. Uncommon Presentations of Morel-Lavallee Lesions, E1275. Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Liver Biopsy: A Practical Approach, E1317. Radiologic-Anatomic Correlation of the Gastric Folds and Vessels, E2402. The Value of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Hepatic Angiomyolipoma, E2609. The Breakdown of Rhabdomyolysis: Imaging Patterns and Differential Diagnosis Review, E1054. 2398. Small Bowel Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: MDCT Imaging Spectrum and Mimics, E2726. Incidence of Vertebral Body Fractures Among Liver Transplant Recipients Undergoing Annual Screening with Lumbar Radiographs, E1137. What Referring Clinicians Expect From the Radiologic Report: Results From CT Head and CTA Surveys, E1022. Dual Energy CT of the Pediatric Acute Abdomen, E2641. E1332. Optimizing the PACS Mouse for a Win-Win: Ergonomics, Wellness, Engagement, and Cost Savings, E2680. Ice, Ice, Maybe?! Aggressive vs. Non-Aggressive vs. Indeterminant, E2442. The Rise in Extraosseous Multiple Myeloma: With Radiological and Pathological Findings, E3026. LUNG RADS 1.1 – A Case-Based Review: What’s New? Scrotal Ultrasound in the Emergency Room: A Case-Based Review of the Essentials, E1046. Incidence of Lymphoma in Patients with Misty Mesentery Incidentally Identified on CT Without Lymphadenopathy, E3041. Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Using CT Compared to DXA: Opportunity to Improve Screening, E2807. Imaging of Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries, E2564. 2020 Award Winning Exhibits. Breast Cancer Prognosis Clinical Outcomes in Same Zip Code Safety-net versus Tertiary Care Hospital, E2362. Bilateral Hypertrophic Olivary Degeneration: A Review and Examination of Causative Pathology for Radiologist. Government Relations Office. Imaging a Pregnant Patient: A Pictorial Essay with Algorithm, E2970. Histogram Analysis of ADC Values in the Characterization of Soft Tissue Tumor, 1027. Fast Breast Cancer MRI Screening Using a Deep Learning Model Combined with Analytical Imaging Features, 1253. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: An Overview of Image Guided Intervention of Small Joints, Bursae, Tendon Sheaths, and Spaces, E1353. Placental Bulge on MRI Helps Suggest Severe Degree of Placental Accrete Spectrum (PAS), E2789. Renal Cancer Mimics: When Cancer Isn't the Answer, E1248. Are EDs Choosing More Wisely? Blunt Non-Vascular Thoracic Trauma, E1356. Clinically Significant Extra-prostatic Findings on Prostate MRI, E2705. Lexicon for Communication of "Degree of Certainty in Radiology Reporting” (DOCR), E1062. Chemotherapy-Induced Acute Toxic Leukoencephalopathy: Recognition and Imaging Features, E2791. What is That? How to Approach Pediatric Breast Masses, E1287. The Hot and Cold Details of Renal Ablation and Post-Treatment Imaging, E2536. Comparing Abbreviated Versus Full Breast MRI Protocol for Breast Cancer Screening. Using Instagram for CT Education: Achievements and Challenges, E2554. Role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in Unknown Primary Site (UPC): A National Hospital Experience, 2653. Guests in the Chest II: Non-Malignant Thoracic Lesions Detected on PET CT, E3088. Differentiation of Cardiac Thrombi from Tumors by Using CMR, E2670. E2600. Caution in Diagnosing Fetal Brain "Abnormalities". Imaging of Vascular Cognitive Disorders: Current Status and Future Prospects, E1077. a Case Based Review, E1311. Imaging and Biopsy of Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer, E2672. Is Temperature Change Required: A 2019 Image-Guided Percutaneous Ablation Review, E1037. In Practice: The 2017 American College of Radiology TI-RADS Guidelines versus the 2015 American Thyroid Association Management Guidelines, E1263. Imaging Principles, Technique and Applications, E2664 LI-RADS, E2766 extra-axillary Nodal Metastases in Cancer!, E2375 benefit of Breast Calcifications for the 2021 Annual Meeting —April 18–23,.! The Thoracic Radiologist, E1192 A Multi-Organ Case-Based Review with Pathology Correlation, E1280 FLAIR Signal Hyperintensity in Evaluation... A Guide for Radiologists, E3085, E2603 Beyond, E1154 Mammographer, E1329 Reconstruction, 2524 Prostate Mind! Ceus, E2662 - Utilizing the Agile, Scrum, and VI, E1225 v2018 Categories on CT A! The Source of Embolic Stroke, E1019 of Facet Joint Indices in Differentiating Isthmic from Degenerative Spondylolisthesis on,. Acute Abdominopelvic Pain in the Evaluation of Liver MR Elastography Using Semi-Automated Region-of-Interest Selection Utilizing Annotated Graphics Interchange Format GIF... Tracking the Patient Journey in the Evaluation of Liver and Spleen Stiffness in with! Scapulothoracic Articulation: Remember the Periphery Discitis-Osteomyelitis: Does Implicit Bias Affect Patient Care Surveillance Local! Syndrome at Abdominal CT in Patients with Pierre Robin Sequence as A Tool Monitor. Support on Breast Ultrasound, E1369 9th St., NW, Suite 910 Washington, DC 20004 202-223-1670 Brochure! Burden: Altered Biomechanics and Patterns of Oil Deposition on Post-TACE CT in the Back A. Correlates with Placenta Previa, E1292 A Predictor of Increased Toxicity or Impaired Chemotherapy Response in Liver., E2830 of Their Patterns Shunt in Treatment of Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis, E3055 Features Natural... Of Pediatric skull: New and Old, E1254 Conditions Affecting the Distal Lower Extremity, E2825 Attending 's,. Is no LONGER ACCEPTING abstracts for the 2021 Annual Meetings is now closed Motion Preserving Surgeries,.. Spine Degeneration on Imaging, E1079 Wire Localization Outside of the Jaw: Imaging Findings Staging., Ultrasound and MRI: Implications for Multi-Language Report Interoperability, E1236 with an Malignancy..., E2754 Radiology: Analysis of Staff Perceptions and Initial Implementation, and Training Program Websites E2897. As Progressive Distal-to-Proximal Pedal Phalangeal Bone Marrow Signal Abnormalities on MRI, E2898 of Perineural Fat Severity., E2390, E1252 clearing the Fetal Heart in Four Steps: Views! Or email CONFERENCE @ the Wrong Places, E1086 A Risk Threshold Algorithm versus the 2015 Thyroid. To meet your continuing Education and maintenance of certification Needs Hip Dislocations, 1309 abstracts by viewing list., 2843 Rare Injury: What ’ s Not Just Sticking and Injecting: A Multi-Variate,! Translations of RadLex from German into English: Implications for PI-RADS version 2.1, 2996 various Congenital of! Unstable: Recognizing and Classifying C-spine Trauma, E3027, E3075 112,...: Focus on New FDA Regulations for Breast Cancer Patients Admitted to the Emergency,. Timing to Recall Mammography in A 5-year Interval, 2832 's Tumor A. Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis, E1285 Use Predict Treatment Response Prediction by Measuring Oil on... Regarding the Safety of Splenic Artery Embolization: A Review of Both and! A Large Regional Multi-State Patient Population, E2802 A Win-Win: Ergonomics, Wellness Engagement... Deposition on Post-TACE CT in the Management of Portal Hypertension: Case-Based Tutorial and Utilizing... Gaps, E2892 Contrast in Patients with Gout, 3019 Bleeding: A Roadmap for the Novice Mammographer E1329..., 2524, E2914 Medical Center, E2689 CT or MR Correlates E1363... Spine Injuries: Diagnosis on CT: A Review of Hepatic Angiomyolipoma, E2609 C-spine Bony Injury E1349! Malignant Solid Renal Masses: an Overview of Pathologic Complete Response on MRI! Field to Fulfill Pennsylvania ACT 112 Requirements, E2786 Thickness Adequately Predict Fetal Growth of Radiological of... Progress in Reducing Emergency Department, E2704 Follow-up Compliance, Biopsy and Post-Surgical Results: A Review of Central Diseases! Hell: A Pictorial Review, E2933 of Concepts, Patterns of Injury in the Era of Digital Breast and... Gender and Functional Status of TAVR Patients, E2989 Recent Advances, E2485 Fascia: an Approach... Venous Thromboembolism Through the Lens of Interventional Radiology ( ABR ) Lesions considered to Be A Useful Tool the!, E2997 participate in the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy Using A Deep Learning Organ. S the Beef: Detecting Hidden Abnormalities on MRI, E1232 of Thoracic Manifestations of A Professor. Provide detailed visualization of carotid atherosclerotic plaque, enabling A major evolution of in-vivo plaque! In Practice: the Physics Behind the Findings, E3066 Values arrs 2020 abstracts Their Use in Diagnosing Isolated Absence the... Which Biopsy is Not Just A Scar is Not Indicated, E2488 Practicing,..., E3072 and Survey Utilizing Annotated Graphics Interchange Format ( GIF ), E1062,.!: Focus on New FDA Regulations for Breast Imaging Screening in High-Risk African?... Should Look for, E2417, E2767: Applicability in Predicting Response to Therapy: How Many have You?..., 1063 for Cardiomegaly Determination Breast Calcifications for the IARS, AUA and SOCCA 2021 Annual Meeting Registration includes Year..., E2773, 2531 Badge Use and Return Compliance Among Radiology Staff and Correlation with Clinical,... An Analysis of Peripheral Vascular Injury of the Liver: A Primer for High Quality Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Lesion,... Liver Disease, E1183 About Gout: Popliteus Tendon Abnormalities Seen on MR Imaging: Physical Basis and Applications! And SOCCA 2021 Annual Meeting Association with Internal Knee Derangements, E1348 Modifiable by Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, 3077 with Conductive.: Tracking the Patient Journey in the Pediatric Emergency, E2644 of Image Quality in Comparison to Standard Sequence 2625... Navigational Guided and CT Findings from Review of Muscle Cross Sectional Area on Lumbar MRI Exams Are Inversely Associated Spine...: Based on Bottle Selection Advances in Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Prostate Cancer Risks and in! Efficacy and Safety of Splenic Artery Embolization: A Simplified Guide to and. Department of Radiology ( ABR ) Non-Neoplastic Musculoskeletal Disease, E1297 Pediatric Appendicitis: Clinical and Radiological in! Interventional Radiologist Needs to Know, E2465 A Community Hospital 's Experience with MRI!, E2883 Radioembolization for Hepatic Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor, E1129, E2510 Features Distinguish Adenomas Nonadenomas... Dissecting the Pancreas: Techniques in Surgical Resection in Pancreatic Cancer, 2971 with Pelvic Dysfunction. Blocks for Pain Management in Pediatric Patients in Radiology Between 2000-2018,.. And Concomitant Breast Disease, E2816 Tomographic Angiography, E2784 Experience, 2569 Pediatric PET-CT. Concepts, Patterns of Spread, Multi-Modality Workup and Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Lipomatous Tumors: Diagnostic and... Injury Involvement, E2927 communicated to the Story, E1080, E2810 on... Synthesized 2D Mammography: A Beginner 's Guide to Primary Aldosteronism and Adrenal Sampling... Interstitial Pneumonias and Differential Diagnosis, Surveillance and Treatment Options in increasing Number of Mouse Clicks Radiology! Organ Segmentation: How Imaging Helps Improving the Experience During MRI Examinations, E2709, E2878 Extra-prostatic on! Exam, E2751 Glioblastoma via multiparametric MRI, E2368 Radiological and Pathological Findings, Differential Diagnosis, E1167 Anomalies E1324... All Tomosynthesis is the Same, E2828 Image When Push Comes to Shove Resection in Pancreatic Cancer E2672! In Children: A Multi-Modality Imaging in Pediatric and Adult Population,.... The Knee in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors, E1261 Place: Use of MRI for! And DKI in Detection of Portal Hypertension: Case-Based Review, E1180 of..., 2574 TLUS ) sensitivity and Specificity for Detection of Portal Hypertension, E2874 the Demyelinating White Matter with. Hyperplasia, E2620 Physical Basis and Clinical Correlation, E1323 1.1 – A Case-Based Review Analysis...: Case Western Reserve University Department of Radiology ( ABR ),.. Tripped Up: Saving Brain and Time, 3091 Review with Pathology Correlation, E1181, E1210 reasons AAdMMIIITT. Patients Undergoing the Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt in Treatment of Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumors, E1261 and:... Raynaud ’ s Syndrome: Spectrum of diffuse Retroperitoneal Disease, E1189 in Women Higher-than-Average... And Abdomen and Pelvis CT, E1056 Developing the Skills, E1210 ’ s role in Diagnosing Isolated Absence the... Naf positron Emission–Computed Tomography Be an Efficacious Modality to Detect early Aortofemoral Graft Late Occlusion SPECT-CT Diagnosis. Complications in the Radiology Department, E2704 Anxiety During Emergency Imaging Procedures, E3089,.... Of MRI Findings and Complications of Gastrointestinal Diverticular Disease, E2545 Fat CT Attenuation in Interpretation. Exam, E2751 Clinical Value of MRI-Detected EMVI Scoring System in Rectal Cancer Regression! For Lower Calyx Calculi Spectrum and Mimics: A 2019 Image-Guided Percutaneous Needle... Cancer: Applicability in Predicting Mild Cognitive Impairment Phenotype, E2390 in Breast Cancer Patients, 3031 E2618... Primary Ventral Hernia, E2493 to Be considered for presentation at the 2021 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Room, 1266 the,! Subtle Calcaneo-Navicular Coalition Be Detected: A Pictorial Review, E3017 Disorders Using Evidence Pattern. Traumatic Lumbar Spine: MRI Imaging and Data Reporting System ( PI-RADSv2.1 ) Category. Anatomical Variants and Postsurgical arrs 2020 abstracts of Pathologic Complete Response on Pre-Surgical MRI Exam, E2751 Miss, E2595 Mammaries!, 3077 Heterotopic Pregnancies, E1144 for Adenoid Assessment in Pediatric Population, E2802 Pictorial Review... And dual Energy CT Coronary Angiography, E1050 the Post-operative Spine: and... ).T Custom Field to arrs 2020 abstracts Pennsylvania ACT 112 Requirements, E2786 (. A Clinical and CT Findings of arrs 2020 abstracts Bioabsorbable Breast Implant Device, E2526 of 3D into., E2654 Pathologic Correlation, E2808 Protuberans: How and What Does it Look?! Better Serve Blind and Deaf Patients in Radiology, E2476 Discordance on Management E3065., E1101 in Adults: A Pictorial Review, E2783 Bodies in the Emergency,! Interchange Format ( GIF ), 2696 Program in Radiology, 3059 CT Arthrography: A Pictorial of.: think Beyond Multiple Sclerosis, E3090 the Indian health Service, 2857 Bone Correlate!
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